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Sanjivini Children Hospital provides 24 hour pediatric care. It is considered to be one of the best pediatric service in Bathinda.

Our experienced team of pediatricians are extremely friendly and are highly proficient in providing comprehensive health care involving the management of various illnesses, growth and developmental assessments, nutritional advice and immunization through our outpatient clinics. They are experts in their field of child care and are qualified to deal with medical as well as other behavioral issues related to infants and adolescents. Sanjivini Children Hospital has some of the best neonatal pediatricians in Bathinda.

Our pediatricians are concerned about the physical, emotional, and social health of infants, children, adolescents and young adults up to 19 years of age. Our well-qualified team of pediatricians are developmentally oriented and focused on the prevention, detection and management of physical, behavioral and social issues that may affect children.

Our general pediatric services are well designed to handle issues concerning fetal and newborn care, detection and management of food allergies, and digestive disorders.

Our team of Pediatricians are experts in their fields and are capable of diagnosing and treating various infections, injuries, and organic diseases and dysfunctions in children.

We are focused on reducing infant mortality rate, fostering a healthy lifestyle, and easing day-to-day difficulties of children with chronic conditions. Through structured evaluation and early intervention, our pediatricians can identify and address any development issues and behavioral problems that may arise from exposure to psychological stressors. They understand the vulnerability of childhood and actively advocate and practice measures to protect a child’s health. This involves monitoring your child through regular check-ups, administering vaccinations, treating infections, and talking to parents regarding school and behavioral problems.